This web comic is about the adventures of Ralph who was ‘officially’ the worst superhero in New York. No really, he has the certificates to prove it!

But, luckily for New Yorkers, he’s no longer in New York. He’s now in England, with a new superhero identity and in the employ of the British Government.

So how did this happen?

Well, in 2010 New York City officially reached SSP, ‘Superhero Saturation Point’.

Realising that the ‘All-American Superhero’ brand was in danger of be being diluted and damaged irrevocably, the Government of New York City stepped in. Their solution was the creation of the ‘Relocation of Ineffective Super Heroes’ programme, or ‘RELISH’ for short. They thought about calling ‘Must Act to Repair Dilution’ programme, but everyone agreed that the acronym ‘MUSTARD’ was just too ridiculous.

With compulsory registration for all superheroes within New York, it introduced a controversial points per peril system which attached a score to heroic acts. The most effective superheroes rose to the top of the ‘RELISH’ leader board. Unfortunately, this also meant the less effective superheroes plummeted to the bottom.

This brings us back to Ralph who incidentally is the only superhero to date, to achieve a MINUS score on the ‘RELISH’ leader board.

So what happened to Ralph? Well he is NOW the Mighty Monocle and is working for the British Government’s National Superhero Service (NSS) Peesingdon-on-Sea, England.

Now he’s gone, the sidewalks of New York are definitely a safer place, but are the pavements of Peesingdon-on-Sea… probably not?


Ralph/Mighty Monocle – Superhero, N.S.S. Peesingdon-on-Sea branch.

Professor Periwinkle – Head of the N.S.S. Peesingdon-on-Sea branch.

More characters will be appearing soon!