I have been posting my web comic for over two years now. Over that time I’ve learnt so much, about cartoon art, humour, timing and most importantly myself.

I have also had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of many other creative web comic types. It’s a fairly solitary pursuit, so I’m always very keen to link up with other artists, to swap art, techniques, tips or ideas.

Which brings me round nicely to the artist responsible the amazing piece of work above.

Vince Dorse is the artist/writer of “The Untold Tales of Bigfoot” web comic. I only recently met Vince through the newly formed “Comic Creators Minigroup”. So, I guess it’s all Denver Brubaker’s fault.

I was blown away when I first read “UTOB”. It’s a brilliant premise, and the art and writing really are on a level I can only dream of. It’s so good in fact, that the NCS have shortlisted it in the ONLINE COMICS – LONG FORM category. The winners will be announced at the NCS Reuben Awards in May.

But, I felt compelled to have a stab at drawing my own fan art/homage to “UTOB”. The idea for which came to me completely out of the blue on my daily commute.

Many, many attempts later I finally had something that I felt was of a good enough standard. Us cartoonist types are never happy.

I sent it to Vince, and he was delighted with it. He then immediately offered to reciprocate the offer. I was was not expecting this response, Vince not only writes/draws/colours and posts weekly, but he also earns a living as an illustrator.

So, I was touched that he could spare the time from his very busy schedule to draw something for me. I think you’ll agree, he knocked the ball right out of the park.

We’re pushing the internet to the limit today, with a Fan Art simulpost! I’m posting Vince’s fan art and at this precise moment Vince, is posting mine. At least he’d better be! Check it out here!

Thanks for reading,